Critical Illness (Life Threatening) Insurance
Plans pays tax-free lump sum if insured is diagnosed with critical illness and survive for 30 days
Number of critical illnesses are covered such as cancer, heart attack, stroke etc
More illness covered, higher the premium
Premiums vary by age, sex, smoking status, and face amount
Return of premium option
Pre-existing conditions not covered
Provide coverage even if insured is outside Canada
Issue age is 18 to 65, coverage is up to age 75

Advantage of Criticall Illness Insurance

Provides money for immidiate treatment in another country
Fullfills financial needs while individual in not working
Can buy medicine and get treatment not covered by OHIP
Can pay for childcare, private nursing
Funds can be used for travelling or other activities
Make changes in home and buy required equipments

Some Canadian Statistics

1 in 3 will have life threatening cancer
125000 new cancer cases each year
1 in 4 will have a heart condition
75000 persons have hear attack each year
1 in 4 suffer kidney disease

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